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What are the critics and attendees saying?


"From the very moment the light came up Martin shows his audience that this is not a concert. This is not a play. This may not even be entertainment, but what it is is an immersion into a life experience that will run the gamut of emotions and hopefully leave you feeling human as you come out the other end. Martin is a living, breathing concept album that will leave you yearning for his next release . . . This show should not be missed. It is an evening of entertainment bliss. "

Mike Zellhofer, Backstage Baltimore


"[Ross Martin's] original music is catchy and compelling, his characterization of a down-on-his-luck Southerner is sharp and his overall message of the healing power of music is uplifting . . . [His] song about learning to waltz is one of the finest new musical-theater compositions I’ve heard in ages."

Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinel


"Pleasantly mystical, well sung and well composed, we find a ready-to-rock and roll one man show that can expand or contract to the time available . . . This is a ready to rock and roll hour that could take writer Martin far."

Carl F Gauze,

"Ross Martin's Miss Isabella Rainsong and Her Traveling Companion was an audience favorite at The Florida Festival of New Musicals and is receiving very positive reviews from the press! The show encompasses the story of a man who hits rock bottom and then begins his reformation through music with the help of a beautiful guitar that mystically comes into his life. The songs are mesmerizing and Ross's performance is captivating! If you get the chance to experience this show, don’t miss it!"

Roy Alan, Executive Director, Winter Park Playhouse

"Martin is convincing as an actor, using voice, dialect, and movement to tell his story in a compelling way. As a musician, Martin soars with piercing vocals and practiced acoustic guitar solos . . . [his] folk-pop style is reminiscent of singer songwriters Jack Johnson or James Taylor."

Lisa Schauer, The Morgan Messenger


"A scallywag type of guy with a magical guitar delivers 'just what the doctor ordered.' What happens on stage somehow reaches into the heart and soul of everyone."

Jane McCloud, Editorial in The Morgan Messenger


"Ross Martin is a visionary. He connects with his audiences; draws us in, and lets us come along for the ride. A night of "magical moments" indeed!"

Susanna A., Premiere Attendee

"Original and magical--I would watch it over and over!"

Dori S., Premiere Attendee

"If you look to music as a friend and guide, you will find both in this show!"

Jen R., Premiere Attendee

"This is one journey you won't want to miss!"

Dave A., Premiere Attendee

"To all the wanderers and lost souls who want to connect through art, this show is an inspiring story, journey and experience."

Liesa J., Premiere Attendee

"Singer songwriter Ross Martin leads you on a masterfully crafted journey confronting as a scalpel, seductive as an easy Sunday morning, and jolting as thunder."

Premiere Attendee

What is this show about?


While waiting out a storm in an Amtrak train station, a disheveled Traveler shares the story of his three-year journey as the traveling companion of Miss Isabella Rainsong – a captivatingly beautiful black guitar. Miss Isabella Rainsong and Her Traveling Companion is filled with stories and songs born out of the shared experiences of this unlikely pair as they encounter folks along the way while riding the rails all across America. Filled with Magical Moments, this "one-guitar show" takes you on a journey of discovery about the power of music to redeem even the darkest and most broken heart. Perhaps someday, when you need it most, Miss Isabella will choose you as her traveling companion...

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