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Thank you for your support!


Lots of folks contributed to make this show and companion CD possible.

First, I couldn't have done it at all without my wife and son, Kym and Taylor. 

Stephen Joseph Antonelli reached out at the perfect moment to ask if I was ready to make a record. SongBuilder Studios has been my second home throughout this project and Stephen has become a true friend in the process. He is a Pro Tools Master had has musical sensibilities that perfectly match my own. 



RainSong Graphite Guitars have been incredibly supportive throughout this journey, starting with giving me a huge break on the purchase of Dolly, the David Wilcox Limited Edition RainSong guitar who plays the role of Miss Isabella Rainsong in the show. Click the logo to learn more about these amazing instruments.

My longtime colleague and friend, Dr. Steve Labkoff, took many of the pictures on this site and captured two of the shows on video. His amazing celestial work is at Luminant Pix.


Dylan Hoey at Custom Music Transcription took videos of me playing the songs in whatever tuning I happened to be in and turned them into beautiful and accurate sheet music, which got my show selected for the Florida New Musical Festival and made it easy to work with the fine musicians who added their talents to the record.

Check out the music of Ama Chandra, Chris Pierorazio, Rahsaan "Wordslave" Eldridge, Tom Mindte of Patuxent Music, and Nate Lanzino of Wright Way Studios who offered their talents in the studio. The UUCC Chalice Choir, under the direction of Drs. Tom Benjamin and Michael Adcock, added their angelic voices to "Glessie May's."


Here are some of the 72 funders who have helped through my Kickstarter campaign...

Executive Producers

Kym Martin

Cindy Steffen


Joe Bormel

Dave DeBronkardt

Paige Denison

Kelley Gallagher

Jason Goldwater

Van Goodwin

Jessica Nadler


Rob McClure

Pablo Prusakowski

Josh Rubin

Seth Sacher

Anil Sethi

Gabriella Wilson


Anonymous Informatimusicologist

David "Blah" Atherton

Tom and Carol Benjamin

David Chernov

Anika and Ajit Dhavle

Evelyn Gallego

Miss Lynn

The Martell Family

Roger & Susan Redhead

Lygeia Ricciardi

Todd Rowland

Bob Rudin

Jim Johnston & Dori Schatell

The Seidman Family

Keith Strier

Mark S. Williams

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