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Host a Show!

Miss Rainsong and Her Traveling Companion is now booking for future performances. Ross and Dolly - the RainSong carbon fiber guitar that plays the title role of Miss Isabella Rainsong - have completed dozens of performances and look forward to many more.


This is a full musical experience - complete with lighting and audio effects - that can be performed in practically any venue. Ross created portable technology using Arduino microprocessors to run the lights, audio, and special effects for the show from the stage so that no additional technical support is required. 

Miss Rainsong is an intimate show and is well-suited for house concert venues, black box theatres, and unconventional spaces. It was even presented in someone's driveway during the pandemic! Because of the portable tech and light footprint for staging, Ross can pull up to any venue with a small performance space, seats, and power and have the show ready for curtain in about two hours. The entire show fits into his Subaru Outback -- including lights and amplification. He even has a portable LiPo power station (a really big battery) that can run the show off the grid. Set strike takes about an hour, so the entire production can be rolled in, performed, and rolled out in less than six hours. 

Hosting Requirements
  • Venue with seating for 20+ people (40-50 optimal)

  • Ability to bring 20+ people to your venue

  • Minimum stage / performance area of 10x10 feet

  • Standard 110v power

  • Worthy charity you would like to designate

  • Overnight accommodations for venues further than 100 miles from Berkeley Springs, WV

  • The ability to end the show in complete darkness (for final special effects to work optimally). So matinee performances can only work in spaces with covered or no windows. 7pm starts work fine in windowed spaces if there is minimal light coming in from the outside.


Ross is not trying to make a living from this show - he is grateful to have a day job and retirement savings!. He does, though, put an enormous amount of work into staging each production and wants to make sure there is reasonable compensation for his efforts. His typical flat rate for staging the show is $600 plus travel costs for venues further than 100 miles from Berkeley Springs, WV. He is willing to split this flat rate with a worthy charity. He will also accept a minimum guarantee of $200 per show and a 50/50 split of all ticket sales - which can either go to a charity or to the venue.


Ticketing can work directly through or through your reservation / ticketing site. There is significant flexibility on how ticketing works - no charge reservations, pre-purchased tickets, at-the-door donations, and even collections taken as part of the show (to help Traveler on the next chapter of his journey). Suggested donation is $20 per person. 

The show has already been experienced by hundreds of fellow travelers and has raised thousands of dollars in charitable donations. That's exciting, but it's reached only about 8 millionths of one percent of the world's population. So more folks need to see this show!

Contact for more information. 

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