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Who is Dolly Rainsong?

Dolly plays the role of Miss Isabella Rainsong in the show. She is a David Wilcox Limited Edition Rainsong Guitar. Though it is impolite to ask about age, she will tell you she first became the traveling companion of her co-star, Ross Martin, on April 20, 2011. She started off her journey as part of a LAUNCH Fellowship that Ross started with his musical hero, singer-songwriter David Wilcox. For a few years, she would travel with a singer-songwriter David selected during the Wilcox Weekend. She has had an amazing journey and has even appeared with the lovely and talented Kaylyn Marie Scardefield on American Idol!  Everyone who plays her signs her with a blacklight pen and now she is covered in "tattoos" from her musical wanderings. Below you can see the video of the first day Ross and Dolly met -- just weeks before she spent a year with Elion Olson, the first LAUNCH Fellow. 

Kaylyn Marie Scardefield
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