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About the creator, Ross Martin


Singer / Songwriter / Physician / Playwright / Consultant / Husband / Father Ross Martin started singing about the same time he started talking and added the guitar when it seemed his only option for impressing girls. He grew up doing community and school theater and singing in choirs of all sorts. He started writing more seriously in college and beyond, eventually penning five screenplays (one optioned, but not produced) and dozens of songs. This is his third or fourth musical, depending on how you count. He writes to understand more about himself and the world. A lifelong learner, he finally ended his formal education somewhere after finishing the 27th grade attending Wright State University (BA in political science), University of Cincinnati College of Medicine (MD), Xavier University (MHA) and Harvard/MIT (Fellowship in Medical Informatics). As President and Founder of The American College of Medical Informatimusicology (, he is widely recognized as the world’s leading medical informatimusicologist. He briefly delivered babies and now does spends some of his time as a consultant working on digital transformation of health equity organizations. He lives in a wooded valley with his wife, Alison, and dog Cooper in Berkeley Springs, WV. See more on these links!

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