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This is the companion CD for my "One-Guitar Show" - my two-act musical, which premiered in January 2018. These songs have been written over a span of 20 years and the show was created over a nine-year period. The show tells the story of a mysterious guitar, Miss Isabella Rainsong, who rehabilitates people through music while riding the Amtrak rail system all across America. The songs are part of a magical story arc of one Traveler who shares the journey with Miss Rainsong. The songs stand on their own, though and span the musical genres of blues, folk, country, jazz, and angelic choral music. Something for everyone!


A successful Kickstarter campaign got this project underway and about half funded. Total investment has been over $8000. Since June 1st, I've logged over 200 hours recording and engineering this CD with Stephen Antonelli at SongBuilder Studios. At just $2 a song, it's a bargain! Your signed CD will be shipped to you anywhere in the US. Plus, you'll receive 1,000 Good Karma Points -- redeemable anywhere in the universe wherever GKPs are accepted!


Support Magical Moments, Art, and Meaningful Music. 



  1. Opening Monologue
  2. Edge of the World (Show Version)
  3. #210 Scalpel
  4. Not Today
  5. Spin the Wheel
  6. Can It Be True?
  7. Just Another Fan in the Crowd
  8. Chemical Bond
  9. Baby Child
  10. Cool Daddy
  11. Judit's Waltz
  12. Glessie Mae's
  13. Magical Moments
  14. Edge of the World (Single Version)

Signed CD - Miss Isabella Rainsong and Her Traveling Companion

SKU: 001
  • While I am trying to recoup my significant investmens in this project, I am also trying to make it a vehicle for greater good. So I am donating half of all revenues from this website (CD, poster and ticket sales) to charity. Through this project, I have already donated over $3,700 to worthy charities. Pick one of the charities listed below to donate half of your purchase -- and thanks for making a difference!


    Here are the current options. Let me know if you would like me to add one of your favorites!

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