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Fulfillment is... Fulfilling (and a lot of work)!

Well, that took a little longer than I expected.

For the last few days, my home office has been something of a mailroom factory: signing CDs with personal notes to all the people who pitched in to make this project a reality; printing postage-laden mailing labels ( worked great!); stuffing mailers; and checking my list again and again to make sure I wasn’t leaving anyone out.

I was grateful that so many folks “not from here” backed me through Kickstarter. It all adds up real quick. Turns out that the actual printed and packaged CD is just about the cheapest part of the whole endeavor. I was amazed at how the prices have come down over the years.

CDs are also now for sale on the site at Fun fact: while the Interwebs don’t care about case in the main part of the URL, once you get past the forward slash, everything is case sensitive. So works as well as, but is a no go if your URL is

Who knew following this show would offer such a font of practical knowledge too?

Thank you for your support!

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