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Emergency Music Therapy - Today at 3pm ET

I've been putting off writing a note to all the lovely folks on this mailing list for months. Every time I thought about it, a few things kept me from acting:

  • The story isn't quite over yet. And I love telling a start-to-finish story.

  • Whoa! What just happened?!

  • Yes, it's finally time, but first I gotta...

  • There's so much to tell, where do I even start?

Then... well, I guess we all know what happened next. A 30,000-character piece of genetic code brought the world to its knees.

Now, there is still not time. So for now, let me give you the time-sensitive piece message. Later, I promise I won't leave you hanging.

Yesterday, April 4th, was to be my next house concert performance of Miss Isabella Rainsong and Her Traveling Companion. Yeah, that's not going to happen. Like pretty much every live event around the world right now, it is on hold.

But this Sunday afternoon, April 5th, from 3:00 ET until we get tired of playing or you get tired of listening, I will be the guest artist at the monthly house-concert-turned-virtual-concert series Acoustic Matinee, hosted by Kosi.

Some details: This show is available only to Patreon patrons of Kosi. So you first have to become a Patreon supporter. Go to: and pledge at the $10/m "wine" level. That will give you access to the show. Kosi assures you that you can cancel at any time! Then go to to sign up for the show. Link your Patreon account to CrowdCast and you're in!

Why would I want to do this? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit everyone hard -- and especially performing musicians who have seen the bottom drop out of their way of life. Pretty much all live music has had to move online. Kosi is a NYC singer-songwriter now living in Baltimore and she runs a lovely monthly Acoustic Matinee in her home featuring a guest artist each month. My work in health IT has gone into overdrive, so I'm trying to do whatever I can to support my artist friends. Please find musicians you love on Patreon and throw them a few bucks a month if you can. Thanks!

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