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Broadway or Bust?

They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway...
They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway...

It's almost showtime! A quick note about the show. You can draw whatever conclusion you like:

As I've mentioned before, this show was selected for the Florida Festival for New Musicals and I performed a one-act version of the show there three times during the weekend of the festival last August in Winter Park, FL. The composer of one of the other musicals, Maestro Kevin Purcell, an Aussie who conducted the Cats in London and last week presented his own musical, The Stranger from Seville, to investors for the Broadway rendition of the show, took us out to dinner after my show because he wanted to tell me how much he thought it needed to be shown in New York. He thought it was worthy of a much larger audience and believed that, in the hands of A-list artists and directors -- the true professionals in this dark art of creating magical moments in the theater -- the show would have great success.

I was, of course, flattered that such an accomplished individual would think so highly of the show. I'm not holding my breath that such a trajectory is going to happen, but it was nice that someone whose opinion I regarded felt so strongly about its potential.

But right now, I'm just thinking about this weekend and preparing to deliver the best performance I can muster of this longtime labor of love. I'm not saying it's Hamilton, but then again, tickets aren't going for $300 and up either.

So I'll leave you with this thought: What if it does end up going somewhere more? What if you could tell your friends someday that you saw Miss Isabella Rainsong and Her Traveling Companion when it was first brought to life and you paid next to nothing for it? Wouldn't that be cool?

So here's what I'm offering to those who have read this far: Come to the show this weekend. Go to and purchase the "Discount Code" tickets for $10 off the door price and put "Broadway or Bust" as your answer to the "Anything Else?" question in registration. I promise you that you will enjoy the experience and maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to brag to your friends someday...

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